Why Repair?

It is very important to repair your auto glass if it is broken. Driving around with a chip or crack in your windshield can be frustrating but, more importantly it is very dangerous and illegal.

Able Auto Glass guarantee never to replace a windscreen if a repair is possible. We can probably fix it in about half an hour, depending on the degree of damage.

autoglass repair

auto glass repair

The repair system used by Able Auto Glass has the full approval of automotive OEM's that include Mercedes Benz, Honda, Jaguar, Volvo and Nissan. And if that wasn't enough, Able Auto Glass offers a guarantee on every aspect of their workmanship.

The cost savings offered by repair instead of replacement are enormous. Average cost savings of 70% are possible and coupled with Able Auto Glass commitment to undertake repair whenever possible, drivers can feel safe in the knowledge that they are getting the most cost effective service available.

Why Replacement?

Windshield glass is laminated, unlike the rest of the glass on your car, which is tempered. Tempered glass shatters, laminated glass is shatter-proof. That's why windshields withstand impacts better.

autoglass replacement

Smaller windshield fractures can be fixed, but sometimes, when bigger breaks and cracks occur, replacement is the only option.

To find out what's best for your windshield - repair or replacement, call us at Able Auto Glass LTD at 604 523 1121 for a free quote.

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Don't wait until it's too late

Safety is an important issue too. A faulty windshield compromises the safety of you and your passengers. Its ability to withstand an impact is substantially weakened. In today's vehicles, windshields are an important component of the vehicle's overall structural integrity, so you don't want to put it off until tomorrow.

A repaired windshield can save you money...and worry!